“I have known Bill Whitehill for many years.  He has the kind of ‘in the trenches’ experience that will help make him a practical, industrious, and fair-minded judge.  He is leaving a successful, life-long career representing clients to dedicate his time, energies, and talent to public service.  His integrity and temperament will serve him and the parties before him well.  His conservative values and judicial philosophy demonstrate that he will provide a level playing field for all litigants.  If elected, he will be the kind of judge who interprets the law, not one who usurps the role of the legislature.”

Harriet Miers, Former White House Official And Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community


“Having had the pleasure of working with and against Bill as an advocate, and of serving as a mediator on cases in which he has been involved, I long ago concluded that he is a lawyer of exceptional skill.  Bill has the knowledge, temperament and seriousness-of-purpose required of an appellate judge.  It is for these reasons that I support Bill for the important position of Justice on one of the most important Courts of Appeals in our state. We need jurists of his stature and commitment.”

Jay J. Madrid, Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community


“I have known Bill Whitehill professionally for 27 years.  When he was a young lawyer, I was impressed by his grasp of complex issues and ability to work well with others in multi-party cases.  I have followed his career since those early days.  He has grown in wisdom and stature in the legal community, handling enormously complex suits.  I fully support his campaign for Dallas Court of Appeals.”

Orrin L. Harrison, III, Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community


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